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Local Lawyer -- And Home Brewer -- Goes To Extraordinary Lengths To Get President's Secret Beer Recipe

RIVERSIDE ( — A Riverside attorney -- and local home brewer -- has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the White House to find out President Obama's secret for making honey ale.

Scott Talkov wants to get his hands on the president's recipe.

The president made headlines earlier this week when he revealed he drinks beer specially made in the White House.

Beer fans started begging for the recipe, but the president declined to make it public. (We do know the honey ale is partly made with the help of beehives that are kept on the south lawn.)

Rachel Kim, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, talked to Talkov about his motives.

Talkov likes making his own beer. He started making his own, eight months ago out of his garage. "You get the exact taste you want and how you like it."

Talkov filed the paperwork to see if the recipe exists anywhere on paper. "I want to make it right here in my brewery," he asserts.

The Riverside man is also one of thousands to sign a White House petition demanding the president give up information about the brew and how it's made.

Talkov is hoping to duplicate the ale for a debate-watching party at his house. "I would like to welcome his beer to the culture by offering to have a drink with him, offering him my home brew. He can give me some of his White House honey ale. We can have a drink on the White House lawn."

Talkov is yet to hear from the White House.  Either way, he is confident he will get his recipe. And Talkov is already thinking ahead. "I'm going to make a great White House Honey Ale," says Talkov.

He says the White House has 20 business days to answer the Freedom of Information request. If they deny it, he hasn't decided yet if he will appeal.

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