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'She Carries Herself With Such Power': Actor Liv Hewson On Charlize Theron, 'Bombshell,' Drew Barrymore

(CBS Local)-- 2019 has been a big year for Liv Hewson.

The Australian born actor stars in the recently released Netflix movie "Let It Snow" and will appear alongside Charlize Theron as former Fox News anchor Megan Kelly's assistant in "Bombshell." The movie about Fox News and the #MeToo movement hits theaters in December and it was one of the most fascinating experiences of Hewson's career.

"It was mental. We shot that film in LA for a couple of months in 2018 and I didn't know much about the story it was based on before we started shooting," said Hewson in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "It was a lot of learning as we went and obviously it was an insane group of people to be working with. I learned a huge amount watching them work and play with the material. I turned 23 on the set, so that was pretty good. Jay [Roach] the director got me a cake and Charlize [Theron] gave me a hug."

While Hewson has worked with a lot of talented actors, the Australia native was blown away by how Theron shined on and off the screen.

"She brings such a determined focused energy to set," said Hewson. "She's so cool and carries herself with such power and she brings everybody along with her. You just want to match that energy and meet her there. She was also an executive producer on the film. She would finish her scene, take off all of her Megan Kelly prosthetics and sit at video village with headphones on. It was this real atmosphere of everyone being hands on deck."

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