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Littlerock Man, 31, Found Guilty Of 2nd-Degree Murder For Pit Bull Mauling

LANCASTER (  —   A Littlerock man whose four dogs fatally mauled a jogger in May 2013 has been found guilty of second-degree murder.

Alex Donald Jackson, 31, owned four pit bulls that escaped his property and attacked Pamela Marie Devitt, a 63-year-old married grandmother who was out jogging.

Devitt was attacked near the intersection of 116th Street East and Avenue S.

The dogs left the deceased with as many as 200 puncture wounds. The dogs dragged her 50 yards, took off her scalp and removed an arm.

After the attack, all four dogs were tested for traces of the victim's DNA. Johnson owned eight dogs (six pits and two mixed breeds) but the tests showed just the four pit bulls were involved.

Johnson was also found guilty of three drug charges. When police first went to his property to investigate the mauling, they found a marijuana grow farm. The drug charges included cultivating marijuana and possession and sale of a controlled substance.  Johnson was found not guilty of an assault charge stemming from an alleged run-in with a horseback rider who claimed his dogs also attacked the horse.

Alex Jackson1
Alex Donald Jackson was found guilty Friday of second-degree murder in a fatal pit bull mauling. (credit: LA County Sheriff's Dept.)

Johnson will be sentenced October 3, authorities said.


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