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Battle Over Dockless Bike Sharing At CSUN

NORTHRIDGE (CBSLA) — Bright green bicycles have invaded the Cal State University Northridge campus.

As CBSLA's Crystal Cruz reports, dockless bike sharing company LimeBike is being welcomed by CSUN students but nearby businesses are complaining about the bikes being left in front of their establishments.

"I live in the dorms. It's like a 20 minute walk. LimeBike is a cheap and affordable way to get around," said CSUN student Ryan Honey.

The price is more affordable than hiring a car service for a group of friends.

"I don't have money to spend on Uber so that's why this is a great. A dollar for every 30 minutes so I can get to where I need to go," said a CSUN student.

The beauty or burden of the LimeBike is that you can pick it up and leave it almost anywhere.

"In front of my store. Anytime. And sometimes I take it and put it in the back over there," said business owner Sheriff Hanna.

Nearby business owners have seen the bikes in their parking lot and on sidewalks.

"I see all over here. Every corner I see one. I'm really amazed why they're all here," said business owner Steve Rabbani.

Rabbani likes the idea of LimeBikes but wonders why they are sometimes left in the business parking lot.

Others complained and Councilman Michael Englander got involved and users are concerned they will have to be returned to a dock on campus, instead of left at the biker's destination.

Mike Kaiser hopes that's not the case.

"I think with any program there are growing pains and I'm super excited for CSUN and I think the students are motivated to learn. We don't produce rude students," said Kaiser.

The councilman's office told us they're working with LimeBike on a solution. Englander's office issued the following statement:

"Without established rules and regulations, dockless bike-share programs can disrupt the quality of life in our neighborhoods. They are placed on public city streets and sidewalks for which the city is liable and required to maintain. That is why I filed a motion establishing a moratorium on new dockless bike share programs that do not have approval of the local council office.

In the case of LimeBike at CSUN, the program was established without consultation of my office. I am now working with the school, student groups, and LimeBike to establish a workable framework so that students can make use of this amenity without negatively impacting the surrounding community. However, this after-the-fact process is far from ideal and my motion will prevent it from happening in the future."

Some say educating bike users on etiquette would be a step or in this case a peddle in the right direction.

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