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Lifeguard Attacked Along Crowded Venice Pier In Confrontation That Was Caught On Video

VENICE ( — Three people are under arrest in connection with an attack on a lifeguard at the Venice Pier, authorities said.

The violent encounter happened at 6:30 p.m. Thursday along the crowded pier, sending the unidentified lifeguard to the hospital, along with one of the three suspects.

The two other suspects were transported to the Pacific Station of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police suspect two men and a woman of starting the fight with the lifeguard, who was on-duty at the time.

Police said the suspects were throwing objects, possibly rocks, at the tower causing the lifeguard to come down and confront them.

In a cellphone clip posted via Facebook, the lifeguard is seen being pummeled to the ground by two men after walking down from his tower.

A bystander jumped in to protect the lifeguard, who can be seen in the clip being hit repeatedly.

The female suspect, who has been booked on suspicion of felony battery, allegedly kicked the lifeguard while he was down.

"During the fight, that's what you see on the video, he's clearly attacked. He begins to defend himself and at one point he knocks one of the individuals unconscious," Lt. Daniel Gonzalez of the LAPD said.

That man was unconscious on the boardwalk when police arrived.

"You don't attack the people that's trying to save lives," Romy Dee, a witness who took video of the incident, said. "I lived here and surfed here over 20 years. I see these guys save lives every day. Let them do their job. Don't interfere and if you do interfere, you might get knocked out."

Over the course of the last couple of days, lifeguards in Venice have been extremely busy with rescues due to dangerous rip currents.

The extent of injuries sustained by those involved was not immediately known, but the lifeguard was expected to be OK.

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