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LGBT Teens Share Being Confused, Scared Before Coming Out To Loved Ones

STUDIO CITY ( — The local man accused of duping Notre Dame football star Manti Te'o revealed to Dr. Phil he was in love with the linebacker.

Palmdale-native Ronaiah Tuiasosopo also admitted he's confused about his sexual orientation.

Alex Santillan, student at Monroe High School in North Hills, told CBS2/KCAL9's Kristine Lazar Tuesday she created a fictional relationship with a crush at school before she felt comfortable coming out to family and friends.

"I would pretend, like I'd text her and be like 'Oh yeah, my brother wants to meet you.' And I would act like a dude because I would get shy around her," Santillan said.

Lewis Chappalear, the Gay, Straight Alliance Club Advisor at Monroe High School, said it's very common for LGBT teens to be confused about who they are.

"When a kid feels like they're shameful of who they are, they feel like their friends are going to hate them. They feel like they are going to get kicked out of their homes," he said. "They start to live a life that's a lie."

LAUSD now has nearly 110 gay and lesbian clubs on its middle and high school campuses.

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