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Legally Deaf Engaged Couple Talks About Their Special Connection

LOS ANGELES ( — A legally deaf engaged couple sat down to talk about their special connection.

John Kiraly and Krysta Hendrix-Davis met when they were very young.

"We both met like, 20 years ago. We were each 2. Our relationship is beyond a miracle," Hendrix-Davis said.

KCAL9's Stephanie Simmons reports that the couple had their education at the John Tracy Clinic, a center for children with hearing loss, in downtown Los Angeles.

The duo uses cochlear implants, which allow them to hear so they can speak directly to each other and do not need to use sign language.

"The minute I speak, it goes straight to my brain, so I'm not getting any delay as to what I'm saying," Kiraly said.

Kiraly moved away after preschool. The two lost touch, but then reconnected on Facebook.

"I saw his name, and I was like, I know this guy," Hendrix-Davis said.

When planning the wedding, they realized the first place they met should be the place they tie the knot.

"We wouldn't have what we have or have the ability to talk in here the way we do if we hadn't gone to John Tracy," Kiraly said.

The couple shares a connection through their common life experiences.

"There are times we sign each other, it's a secret. We sign each other, 'I love you,'" Hendrix-Davis said.

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