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'LeClone': Fans Dumbfounded By Timely Photo Of LeBron James In Front Of Doppelgänger

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Is LeBron James an Avenger, and is this the Endgame?

An image of LeBron James during a Lakers-Rockets game has ricocheted across the Internet, not because he posterized a player on the other team or made some other spectacular play. It's because he was captured right in front of another man sitting courtside who looked just like him at that moment.

The man, sitting in a shadow, appeared to be wearing all gray, and was wearing a hat, a gold watch on his left wrist, and was holding a drink. He was looking to the right, while LeBron, in his Sunday whites and on the floor, was looking up to the left. The juxtaposition prompted an avalanche of memes on Twitter.

Jokes abounded, including "LeTwin," "LeClone," and questions about whether this game occurred in The Matrix, was an instance of the NBA superstar doing spectral projection as had been seen recently in "Wandavision," or was a future LeBron James traveling back in time to watch himself play.

Who was the LeBron James doppelgänger? He is Patrick Christopher, a Beverly Hills-based fashion designer who once played in the NBA himself.

The two have been friends for years, and James found the clamor over his erstwhile clone amusing.

So why caused the glitch in the matrix? Christopher's brother, Josh, is a rookie guard with the Houston Rockets and was likely at the game to watch him play.

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