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Lawmakers To Hear Bell Gardens Couple On Proposal To Limit Mail-In Ballots

ARTESIA ( — Have you ever thought that Sacramento just doesn't listen to the average voter?

KNX 1070's Megan Goldsby reports Bell Gardens Assemblymember Cristina Garcia has introduced legislation on limiting how mail-in ballots are processed that comes directly from her constituents.

Lawmakers To Hear Bell Gardens Couple On Proposal To Limit Mail-In Ballots

The Democratic lawmaker launched her first "There Ought to Be a Law" contest in December for residents of the 58th Assembly District, which invited constituents from Downey, Bellflower, Pico Rivera, and surrounding areas to submit ideas for a new state law.

Winners Sally and Ron Hoyt of Bell Gardens were chosen for their proposal to impose restrictions on where mail-in ballots can be sent after they noticed that many vote-by-mail ballots were not coming directly to the county registrar, but instead through middlemen and political campaigns.

On Tuesday, Garcia introduced Assembly Bill 1596 based on the Hoyts' proposal, and will invite the couple to travel to Sacramento and testify before an Assembly Committee on the merits of the bill.

Several other legislators across the Southland and statewide have held similar "There Oughta Be a Law" contests, which have yielded entries that proposed laws to crack down on misleading floral advertising and a measure that created a pilot program to link the state's community colleges with local chambers of commerce to promote business development and job creation.

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