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LAUSD Votes On Key Issues Including New Suspension Rules And Breakfast Program

LOS ANGELES ( — The Los Angeles Unified School Board voted at a meeting on key issues, including new rules for suspending students and whether or not to keep the district's breakfast program.

A new policy was voted in, concerning suspensions and student behaviors.

The LAUSD has been known to have high suspension rates in the past, under what is known as "willful defiance".

Educators from the LAUSD spoke at the meeting, suggesting that their pro-active alternatives to "frivolous" suspending acted as a no-cost investment that has resulted in higher academic and graduation rates.

"Our team never imagined that we would reduce our suspension rates from 683 in 2009 to 150 in 2010," one teacher said. "And the following years with only one suspension."

Other controversial issues, including the district's new "breakfast school" program were also discussed.

The program was debated for hours, and following a vote, the program will stay in place.

Not everyone agrees that the plan should be continued, however.

"They may be getting fed, but the question is 'are they receiving [a] rigorous quality education'" teacher MJ Roberts said.

LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy told CBS2/KCAL9's Suraya Fadel that, since the breakfast program launched, there have been higher attendance rates and more productivity among students.

The issue of classroom size has been delayed until June.

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