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LAUSD Teachers Seek Pay Hike Amid Release Of Prop. 30 Funds

LOS ANGELES ( — The teachers union representing educators of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) plans to present a pay proposal to the school board next week.

The United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) plans to ask for a pay hike of 17.6 percent with the number of years to be determined, according to CBS2's Dave Lopez. Passed in 2012, Proposition 30 is expected to fund the increase once an amount is determined.

According to UTLA, the last raise received by LAUSD teachers was in 2007. Currently, their annual salaries range from a low of $45,637 to just over $72,000.

"The voters adopted Prop 30 and dollars are coming into the district," said UTLA President Warren Fletcher. "The dollars that we gave up, the dollars we gave up to keep schools open, they're coming in. We want a multi-year plan to restore our pay."

LA Unified School Superintendent John Deasy by phone told Lopez, "the teachers deserve a pay hike." He declined to comment on the amount.

Members of the district and school board similarly declined to comment on the amount or discuss the subject on camera. Negotiations are expected to take place behind closed doors.

"We've taken furloughs. You know, we've done our part to help the district out ... this is a perfect time for us to get our raise," said Socorro Vilches, a 25-year veteran of teaching in the LAUSD.

"I personally went out and helped push Prop 30 and that really is bringing in a lot of funding for our schools and I think it's time for the teachers to get repaid," Vilches said.

Meanwhile, the union hopes that a decision and the new funds will be quick in coming.

"I think they realize that we have sacrificed and that they will, out of good nature, say 'You know what? You guys deserve this,'" Vilches added.

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