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Report: Las Vegas Casinos Close For 30 Days Due To Coronavirus

(CBSLA)-- The casino industry is the latest business to be impacted by the spread of coronavirus.

On Tuesday, Nevada governor Steve Sisolak announced all non-essential businesses will be closed for 30 days, including all casinos and gaming operations.

Sisolak's announcement also includes the closing of bars, restaurants, gyms, and movie theaters, which will go into effect at 12pm on Wednesday.

"This is affecting the lives of our citizens. People are dying. Every day that is delayed here, I'm losing a dozen people on the back end that are going to die as a result of this," Sisolak said at a news conference Tuesday night.

According to the Associated Press, casinos haven't been closed in Las Vegas since President John F. Kennedy's funeral on November 25 1963.

In Nevada, gambling taxes are second to sales taxes in percentage of the state's annual budget.

Caesar's Entertainment announced that it is shutting down its properties all across North America. According to USA Today, Caesar's says it will help employees who will be without work.

States all across the country have adopted similar policies to slow the spread of coronavirus. As of Tuesday, there were over 4,000 diagnosed cases of Covid-19 in the United States according to the Center For Disease Control And Prevention.

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