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LA's Up-And-Coming Female Musicians

(credit: Reyna De Los Angeles)

Whether you were inspired by Beyonce at the Super Bowl or Adele, Taylor Swift or any number of the other amazing female musical artists who continue to sweep all major awards ceremonies, chances are you will be just as impressed with local female stars as well. They may not have platinum records to their names, Grammys lining the hallways of their homes or their names on the Walk of Fame, but these local acts are super rich in girl power and are sure to entertain. The next time you think about emptying you wallet for a big name star, consider a local female act for your musical delight. Move over, fellas!

Warpaint Mia Kirby
(credit: Mia Kirby)


This female quartet from LA has made quite a name for themselves, being called one of the "15 Most Promising Artists of 2011" by the likes of the BBC. Warpaint, composed of Emily on vocals and guitar, Theresa also on vocals and guitar, Jenny on bass and vocals and Stella on drums, does not conform to the standards of music typically heard in pubs and clubs across the City of Angels - their sound is truly of another planet. Experimental and exciting, Warpaint will be playing along the Colorado River during 2013's Psych Fest in Austin, Texas. More locally, check our Warpaint when they play at the Desert Daze Festival in Mecca on April 20.

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eileen carey
(credit: Eileen Carey)

Eileen Carey

A multiple winner of the Los Angeles Music Awards (in 2009 and 2010), Eileen Carey is an accomplished country singer and songwriter. She has played at numerous local events, such as the LA County Fair, Orange County Fair and SoCal Fair, to name a few. You may recognize her name from the various interviews she has participated in on popular Los Angeles-based radio stations. She has released four albums and, while she remains an independent artist, she has been likened to many of Nashville's biggest country stars. Her appearances and performances are updated on her website.

Lucid Fly
(credit: Lucid Fly)

Lucid Fly

With a "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" type of image, or perhaps a "Twilight" motif for the current generation, Lucid Fly is a dark, heavy rock band from Los Angeles. Although she is backed up by two men, lead singer Nikki Layne is clearly the voice and image of this group. In fact, she even made this year's list for top 100 female musicians. In addition to other musical contests, the group has been interviewed on radio stations and are playing shows out of state, such as Arizona and Colorado. This is certainly going to be a big year for them, so be sure to find out when they're in town.

(credit: Reyna De Los Angeles)

Reyna de Los Angeles

A type of music traditionally created by a group of all male members, mariachi is a Mexican style of music. As the focal point of a documentary film, Reyna de Los Angeles is putting a new spin on old traditions. The all-female group based in LA brings a unique and feminine warmth with their sound. They are available for a variety of bookings and performances, and have scheduled dates as well.

johanna chase
(credit: Johanna Chase)

Johanna Chase

Originally from the Pacific Northwest but now calling Los Angeles home, singer and songwriter Johanna Chase is someone to keep an ear out for. Her poetic lyrics and passionate playing help her to stand out among many, shining a brilliant light on her unique albums that she has released on her own. Johanna has performed at numerous well-known music festivals throughout the country, including the famed SXSW in Austin, Texas. She has also been known to travel in an environmentally-friendly bus, which not only houses her and her fellow musicians, but helps our planet by running on vegetable oil. Be sure to check out tunes such as "Joyful and Brave" and "Flashlight."

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Nicole DiCicco enjoys dancing, movies and live music. She writes about all the nightlife Los Angeles has to offer. Her work can be found at

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