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Larry Elder, Top GOP Recall Candidate, Campaigned On Laundry List Of Grievances Against Governor Newsom

COSTA MESA (CBSLA) - More than 400 people are expected at the Hilton in Costa Mesa where recall candidate Larry Elder's campaign is settled in for the night's vote returns.

The 69-year-old conservative radio talk show host and attorney did not make any public appearances Tuesday.

Elder jumped to the pack of recall candidates since he joined the race in July. Political analysts have said that Elder's conservative agenda and style is on trend with today's Republican party.

The candidate himself has said he feels like he's energized the party and the race, and has appealed to voters with a laundry list of ways he believes Governor Newsom has failed California.

"We're having rolling brown outs. We're not investing in our water infrastructure. We're badly managing our forest. People are leaving California for the first time. Crime is up. The quality of education is bad. On again, off again COVID restrictions that are account for those ships sitting out there," Elder has said.

Elder has also disagreed very loudly with the governor's pandemic response, saying if elected he would repeal all of the state mandates regarding masks, testing and vaccines, which was a talking point Newsom used against Elder in the campaign.

The leading Republican candidate did start talking about election integrity recently. When pushed, his campaign said today that they're not suggesting there have already been irregularities, but said they are keeping an eye out for potential issues and hope their supporters will too.

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