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Larry Elder Faces Abuse Allegations From Ex-Fiancée As Recall Race Is In A Dead Heat

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBSLA) -- A frontrunner in the race to recall Governor Gavin Newsom is facing allegations of abuse.

The ex-fiancée of conservative talk show host Larry Elder said Elder physically and emotionally abused her when they were together.

Elder, who was absent from Thursday night's debate and the other debates with the remaining Republican frontrunners, is defending himself from the allegations while the other candidates who were present have mostly focused their attacks on Newsom, saying that he is unequipped for office.

Elder's ex-fiancé Alexandra Datig, a conservative blogger and commentator, told CBS Los Angeles that she and Elder lived together for 18 months before she broke it off in 2015.

"I truly believe that he could kill me, that he could hurt me badly," Datig said. "He was physically abusive. He pushed me in the hallway, went to check if his gun was loaded in my plain view during a conversation, and it wasn't a yelling or shouting match. It was a conversation but he was just so filled with anger."

Datig accused Elder of having anger issues and being a heavy marijuana user. She said she was scared to come forward before and "didn't want headlines because I was dealing with someone who's very powerful." She said she decided to speak out now so voters could be aware.

Elder released a statement saying:

"I have never brandished a gun at anyone. I grew up in South Central, I know exactly how destructive this type of behavior is. It's not me, and everyone who knows me knows it's not me."

Four of the other top Republicans who want to replace Newsom are John Cox, Kevin Faulconer, Kevin Kiley and Doug Ose. There are 46 total candidates on the ballot. A full list of their names can be found here.

The recall election is set for Sept. 14.

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