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LAPD arrest 2 after group breaks into infamous Downtown LA high-rise

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Two people have been arrested outside the infamous abandoned high-rise Downtown Los Angeles Wednesday morning after a group broke into the complex overnight.

Police responded after a large group of possibly eight to ten people were spotted running into the Oceanwide Plaza located across the street from the Arena, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

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Authorities arrived at the scene near the 1100 block of Figueroa Street where they created a perimeter around the graffiti-covered apartment buildings.

An LAPD chopper was also called to the scene to scan the building for the intruders.

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Officers were seen gathered around new fencing put around the building where the suspects possibly broke in.


This incident comes days after the city put up the metal fencing to help keep more taggers from trespassing onto the abandoned property.

A juvenile and an adult were taken into custody shortly after 8 a.m. An officer on the scene said they will likely be booked, cited and released.  

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