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LAPD Releases Video From Violent August Incident In The Miracle Mile

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The Los Angeles Police Department has released body camera video from a violent incident in the Miracle Mile.

Back on Aug. 12, a woman called police to say that she and her coworkers were being threatened by a man with a metal pipe.

A training officer and two probationary officers responded to the scene where the man, 53-year-old Timothy Camon, was captured on body camera stating that he didn't want any problems. Moments later, an officer was hit in the head with a three-foot-long metal post.

The video shows officers yelling for the man to drop the stick and deploying an electric shock when he failed to comply. The man continued to taunt police, who then deployed a bean bag gun and fired multiple rounds.

The man is then seen running across the street, still armed with the metal post, as police pursued him.

More officers joined the chase, including one armed with a foam pellet gun.

Eventually the officers cornered the man, but he still refused to surrender prompting police to fire another bean bag round at the man.

The man eventually dropped the pole, surrendered and was taken into custody by police.

The officer who was struck with the metal post fully recovered. The suspect was treated at a hospital and then charged with multiple felonies.

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