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LAPD Releases Graphic Body Cam Footage Of Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)  -- Los Angeles police on Wednesday released body cam video of a deadly officer-involved shooting in Pacoima this past May.

KCAL9's Peter Daut reports  the LAPD is still investigating the incident as witnesses come forward and toxicology tests are completed.

They released footage leading up to the moments just before the deadly confrontation. They said they had no choice but to pull the trigger given the dangerous and unpredictable movements of the suspect.

The footage was provided and edited by the LAPD.

At the start, you see several officers responding to a call about a reported stabbing at a Pacoima home on May 30.

You  hear the sergeant placing officers and planning to approach the suspect in an effort to take him into custody.

You then hear officers telling 29-year-old Bryan Rodriguez they are going to arrest him. Officers warn Rodriguez they will use a taser or bean-bag shotgun but he does not respond.

"I'm giving you one more opportunity. Come out here with your hands up," says one officer.

Officers keep their distance -- they are still concerned Rodriguez might be armed with a knife.

After several more minutes trying to communicate with him, officers move towards him. They use a taser to take him down.

The taser has no effect on Rodriguez. The officers warn him repeatedly to comply. They tell him he will be tased again if he doesn't listen.

They fire the taser and he again refuses to follow their orders.

Officers then fire several non-lethal bean bag rounds at him.

Again, they have very little effect on him.

Rodriguez grabs a potted plant and throws it at officers striking some of them in the head.

The suspect than gets on the roof of the home. Officers, meanwhile, rescue the person injured inside.

Moments later, officers say they saw Rodriguez grab a pickax. Rodriguez throws several bricks at officers.

Police then deploy a 40-millimeter launcher that shoots a foam projectile that does not penetrate the skin.

Rodriguez continues to wield the pickax.

After several minutes, Rodriguez goes inside the home and officers lose sight of him. Officers say he later emerges with the pickax.

They tell him to drop it but instead they say he moved towards them with the ax and raised it above his head.

That's when officers open fire.

Officers moved in and removed the ax from the scene.  Police immediately call for an ambulance but Rodriguez dies at the scene.

The stabbing victim was taken to a hospital where he was treated and later released.

Officers recovered Rodriguez's knife from the crime scene.  Authorities said Rodriguez had a long criminal history.

The Civilian Board of Police Commissioner's will also evaluate the evidence to determine if the officer-involved shooting met proper standards.


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