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LAPD rallies to help officer and wife diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

LAPD rallies to help officer and wife diagnosed with stage 4 cancer
LAPD rallies to help officer and wife diagnosed with stage 4 cancer 02:56

It's been a tough year for the Tomelloso family, to say the least.

In February, Laura Tomelloso was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. It's a tough diagnosis for any family, however, things only worsened after Laura and her family received another devastating call.

"She had cancer and was working her way through that," said Silvia Mitchell, Laura's sister-in-law. "Then in June, Michael found out he had cancer."

Months after her own devastating diagnosis, Laura's husband and Mitchell's brother Michael Tomelloso was diagnosed with throat cancer.

"Michael had radiation and chemo every day for almost eight weeks," said Mitchell. "He was unable to eat anything solid during that time and still had to have a feeding tube inserted."


Michael joined the United States Marine Corps after high school and served as an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department for 25 years. Laura worked for the FBI but left the agency to homeschool their younger son with special needs. 

Following the diagnosis, the couple and their two children survived off of state disability. But after learning about these heartbreaks, Michael's fellow officers rallied behind the ailing family.  

"It hits close to home when it's someone that's walking the same path in life," said Officer Rob Golden. "He has a servant's heart. He's always helped others and put others before him, beginning with his family and the community at large." 

Golden worked with Tomelloso the Los Angeles Police Department's Central Traffic Division.

"Right now, they're using their personal insurance policy," said Golden. "They're dipping into retirement. They're dipping into saving to help cover everything."

While Laura learned that she will need more treatments, Michael just finished his and is in good spirits.

"They're staying positive, as positive as you can, at this time," said Mitchell.

Thanks to their family, friends, church members and the brethren in blue, they are surviving. Fellow officers are hoping, with some financial help, the couple can focus on healing. 

"During this holiday season, what better time to lift them up not only in prayer but also to help them financially," said Golden.

The Los Angeles Police Federal Credit union has opened a Blue Ribbon Trust Fund for the Tomellosos. Those wishing to donate online can fill out the form here

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