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LAPD Officers Charged In DUI Cover-Up Case

LOS ANGELES ( — Felony charges have been filed against two LAPD officers for filing false police reports.

Prosecutors say the officers covered up a drunk driving crash in Boyle Heights in October of 2014, driving the suspect home and then filing false reports.

Officers Irene Gomez and Rene Ponce are charged in the case.

Gomez's attorney claims his client remembers the incident as a hit and run.

"Nobody identified anybody that did anything wrong," said Ira Saltzman. "They did the investigation, followed protocol."

Neighbors tell a different story, one involving a drunk driver who crashed into two cars.

"Before the cops came, he tried to run but we held him," said Larry Chavez. "We held him for the officers, and they talked to him and got him in the car or whatever, and they took him after."

Prosecutors say the officers took the man to his home, and told him to get some sleep. The driver in question hasn't been identified.

"There was no connection and more importantly no motive," said Salzman. "Why would an officer risk her career and potentially her freedom over somebody she doesn't even know?"

Both officers are on paid leave. If convicted, they could face three years in prison.

Gomez and Ponce will be in court October 11.

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