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LAPD Officer Saves Infant's Life By Performing CPR

WESTLAKE (CBSLA) — LAPD Officer Alex Frazier is being credited tonight with saving the life of a baby.

As CBSLA's Jeff Nguyen reports, police say the infant was thrown to the ground as if he were a football being spiked -- during a fight between his parents.

Frazier's partner Officer Ivan Ibarra found the child in his mom's arms when they got to an apartment in the Westlake District.

"She was saying 'my mijo, my mijo.' She seemed like she was grieving," said Frazier.

Ibarra had to speak to the mother in Spanish to convince her to place her trust in Frazier, who performed CPR on a tiny lifeless body.

"After a little bit of time the baby's lip twitched.  So relayed the message to everybody that 'hey he's in there.' After a little bit more time I saw a little more facial expression," said Frazier.

The officers then followed paramedics to Children's Hospital where they were told the baby would be OK.

As that happened other members of LAPD's Rampart Division arrested the child's father.

A neighbor who didn't want to be identified said she could hear the boy's parents fighting Saturday night.

"I got woken up by screaming. I heard the loud bang at one point," said the neighbor.

""Things happened really fast," said Frazier.

Frazier says this was the first time he's performed CPR.

"I have my own personal beliefs.  I was just a tool and God saved that baby.  I deeply believe that," said Frazier.

The faith he carries in his heart is close to his badge – on and off the job.

"I went home immediately and kissed my kids," said Frazier.

"I think my son was annoyed because I didn't want to put him down," said Ibarra. "I just kept holding him more when I got home."


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