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Pursuit Of Woman Who Reportedly Tried Hitting Parents With Car Ends In Downtown LA

LOS ANGELES (  —  The LAPD chased a woman Friday night accused of trying to strike her parents with her vehicle.

The woman was driving a large SUV westbound on the 101 Freeway, police said.

Stu Mundel, reporting in Sky2, said the chase began in Pasadena.

When police tried to confront the woman about the possible domestic violence situation, they said she took off.

The suspect drove recklessly and weaved in and out of traffic.

She's been going "well in excess" of 100 mph, Mundel reported.

The suspect got off the 101, hit the 23 and then the 118 where she went eastbound back toward Van Nuys.

CHP joined the chase after about a half hour.

Officials described the woman as dangerous, possibly to herself. Mundel said she was "in a fragile state of mind."

Early on, she came close to striking someone CalTrans workers on the side of the road. Mundel said, "it shows she doesn't have a regard for others."

After more than an hour, the suspect got off the 210 Freeway near the Rose Bowl.

At this juncture, Pasadena police re-joined the pursuit.

The suspect took side streets and stopped for red lights as the chase continued.

Authorities seemed to be giving the suspect a wider berth on side streets.

"She's driving a lot more conservatively on the side streets," Mundel noted, "But they're definitely still keeping an eye on her."

The driver eventually ended up in the downtown L.A. area, where she got out of her SUV, attempted to get into a bar and was taken into custody by LAPD officers.

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