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LAPD chase attempted murder suspect riding bicycle on freeway

Shooting suspect rides bicycle on freeway during pursuit with LAPD
Shooting suspect rides bicycle on freeway during pursuit with LAPD 01:51

The Los Angeles Police Department released a video from the pursuit of an attempted murder suspect riding a bicycle on the I-5 Freeway.

The unusual pursuit happened on April 26, after 24-year-old John Lopez allegedly shot his brother after a verbal dispute in the 100 block of East Avenue 36 near the Montecito Heights neighborhood. Lopez took off on his bicycle before police arrived.

However, an LAPD helicopter spotted Lopez riding his bike at the intersection of Pasadena Avenue and West Avenue 28. The pilot guided patrol officers to the suspect, who eventually entered the southbound portion of the I-5 Freeway. 

Officers stopped traffic on the busy highway and followed Lopez as he biked across traffic. He rode on the freeway for about a mile before exiting on the Mission Road off-ramp. 

LAPD continued to follow Lopez as he rode in and out of traffic until making a U-turn toward Daly Street. Then, an officer rammed Lopez and his bicycle. The collision forced him to fall to the ground. 

Several officers swarmed the suspect as he put his hands up. After getting arrested, Lopez complained about pain in his knees and was transferred to a nearby hospital before being booked for attempted murder. 

Police found a small-caliber firearm at the end of the pursuit.

The department's Force Investigation Division launched a probe into the incident. It is still ongoing. 

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