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LAPD arrests 2 people in burglary of Karen Bass' home

Man breaks into home of congresswoman, Los Angeles mayoral candidate Karen Bass, steals guns
Man breaks into home of congresswoman, Los Angeles mayoral candidate Karen Bass, steals guns 02:35

Police arrested a pair of individuals suspected to have burglarized Rep. Karen Bass' home in Baldwin Hills on Friday. 

"At this time, it appears that only two firearms, despite being safely and securely stored, were stolen. Cash, electronics and other valuables were not," Bass, a democratic Congresswoman and Los Angeles mayoral candidate said last week after the burglary occurred. 

It is still unclear exactly what type of guns were taken, though Bass has disclosed that she had them "stashed" in a Brink's lockbox in her closet, according to the Los Angeles Times. Authorities have yet to disclose if they recovered the stolen firearms. 

Bass, who is currently projected as the frontrunner against Los Angeles real estate mogul Rick Caruso, said when she arrived to her Baldwin Hills home she saw a burglar inside the house and immediately called police.

Prior to the announced arrests, police had released information on one of the suspects in the case, describing him as a 5 foot, 9 inch Hispanic male with "dark clothing and a surgical mask, blue baseball cap with a white logo emblem, and black Asics sneakers."

The two suspects, now identified as 42-year-old Patricio Munoz and 24-year-old Juan Espinoza, were arrested for residential burglary after authorities located their vehicle, the same one spotted outside of Bass' residence, in the area of Hazeltine Avenue and Sylvan Street. After police watched the two suspects enter the car and drive away, they were pulled over and arrested.

Upon arrest, Munoz provided the alias of Matias Milito, while Ezpinoza used a similar alias of Baltazar Rodriguez. They were both booked under their aliases.

Munoz is held on $500,000 bail, while Espinoza is held on no bail. 

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