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History Repeats Itself For Families Of LAPD Academy Grads

SOUTH LOS ANGELES ( – History has repeated itself for the families of two new LAPD officers working at the 77th Street Division.

Retired LAPD Officers David Winslow and Timothy Wunderlich have known each other for a long time. They met at the Academy back in the early '80s.

Both men were assigned to the 77th Street Division in South L.A. and their badges were only one number apart: Winslow 95-09 and Wunderlich 95-10.

Now, by sheer coincidence more than 30 years later, history has repeated itself. LAPD officers Steven Winslow and Eric Wunderlich – their sons – not only met at the Academy, they are now both working at the very same station.

"The odds are just crazy," the younger Wunderlich said. "A weird coincidence, but it's a pretty neat story."

Even more special, both sons now wear the exact same badges their fathers once did, and throughout the same parts of L.A., allowing the legacy to continue.

The younger Winslow and Wunderlich say they call their dads nearly every day for advice and to share stories.

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