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Lake Los Angeles Residents Prepare As Serial Rapist Release Approaches

ANTELOPE VALLEY ( — Lake Los Angeles residents met with Sheriff's deputies to discuss the approaching court ordered placement of a notorious serial rapist into their community.

Christopher Hubbart, 62, set to be released by July 7, has admitted to raping at least 40 women in Los Angeles and San Francisco between 1971 and 1982. In 2013, a Bay-area judge approved a release for Hubbart to live in a house in Lake Los Angeles, east of Palmdale.

Residents of the community, however, don't believe their home should be a dumping ground for the dubbed "Pillowcase Rapist".

"As the days get closer and closer, it's like we're on a ticking bomb right now," resident Cheryl Holbrook said. "Everybody is really nervous."

Hubbart, who has been in a state mental hospital since 1996, was reportedly released two times before, and committed offenses after both releases.

"I've got to protect my children," resident Jackie Meraz said. "They're all teenagers, so I'm afraid he's going to come and do something."

Sheriff's deputies, meanwhile, attempted to ease the worries of the concerned crowd, stating that increased patrols and specially-assigned detectives to enforce safeties.

"When he is released, he will have an ankle monitor on him, and he will have somebody from Liberty, the company that's assisting him, living with him twenty-four hours a day the first several weeks, months, whatever it is," LA County Sheriff's Dept. Captain Don Ford said.

A woman who lives next to the house Hubbart is scheduled to be released to says that she is already taking precautions.

"I have to be on high alert, I have better trained dogs, (I have) a better security system, more lighting, better fencing," resident Sharon Duvernay said.

Deputies warned residents that they should be prepared to see Hubbart out in the community, as he will not be confined to his home.

Local leaders say they will seek Governor Jerry Brown's help in intervening to stop Hubbart's release.

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