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Laguna Beach Neighborhood Rocked By Woman's Murder; Son Questioned

LAGUNA BEACH (CBSLA) -- A Laguna Beach neighborhood was rocked Sunday with the discovery of a murdered woman inside her home.

The unidentified victim was in her 60s, Laguna Beach police said. A relative of the victim's was also being questioned, authorities said.

A friend of the victim's arrived at her Coast Highway home to accompany her to church when they made the grim discovery. The friend said the victim had a lot of trauma to her body.

The woman lived in Laguna Terrace -- a mobile home community at the southern end of Laguna Beach.

Investigators were trying to get a search warrant to conduct an official search for clues.

The victim's son -- who was discovered driving his mother's car -- was taken into custody in San Clemente.

Neighbors told CBS2 that the victim frequently argued with her son.  They told her they heard screams this morning upsetting the quiet little enclave they have dubbed "Paradise."

Friends of the murdered woman said when they questioned her son about her whereabouts Sunday, he got agitated and began acting strangely.

Police said they had been called to the location several times because of "problems" between the two.

People who knew the victim also told CBS2 she was a "wonderful mom." Some said they had a bad feeling about the son, several people said they believed he has behavioral or emotional issues.

Police said they do believe the man they are questioning does have the answers they are looking for.

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