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LA Rams Anticipate Majority Of Seats In 2019 Will Require Personal Seat Licenses

LOS ANGELES ( — Los Angeles Rams fans Monday had the chance to put down a deposit for the opportunity to buy season tickets at the Coliseum and eventually at the anticipated new stadium.

Lance Goldberg tried to get on the team's new website for a chance to put down a refundable $100 deposit this morning.

"The demand is just far exceeding the website's capabilities," said Goldberg.

The hope was for a chance to get on the wait-list to potentially buy to up to eight season tickets at the LA Coliseum for 2016 or when the Rams move into their new Inglewood stadium in 2019.

"We'll have numbers at a later date, but safe to say we've been extremely pleased," said Jack Bye, the L.A. Rams VP of tickets and premiere seating.

But there's more.

In 2019, the team anticipates the majority of its seats, if not all, will require a personal seat license, or a PSL.

It's a one-time fee to buy tickets for a specific seat. On top of that fee, fans will be required to pay for the seat. It's a practice first used by the St. Louis Rams.

Jeffrey Lenkov, a sports attorney, is also law professor who teaches about personal seat licenses.

He says he's seen reports that NFL fans paid up to $20,000 for PSLs at the New York Giants' new stadium, as much as $80,000 at the 49ers Levi's Stadium, and up to $150,000 in Dallas for the Cowboys.

The Rams may end up overshooting the Cowboys.

"I actually think it may be unlimited what they can charge," said Lenkov. "It's going to be for the first couple of years, the place to be seen."

In the past, PSL owners were able to give the license to a family member or sell it to the highest bidder. The Rams say they haven't figured out the rules or pricing for Tinseltown yet.

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