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LA City Council approves placard program for licensed cannabis businesses The Rundown (June 29 PM Edition) The Rundown (June 29 PM Edition) 02:44

The Los Angeles City Council approved a new ordinance Wednesday that will require licensed cannabis businesses to display a placard proving they are operating legally and in compliance with public health regulations. 

The required placards are meant to be an easily seen notification for both the public and law-enforcement that the business is operating legally. 

"Unfortunately, unlicensed commercial cannabis activity continues to undermine the legal commercial cannabis industry and threaten the health and safety of Los Angeles residents," City Councilman Paul Koretz said in a statement following the council vote. "I have been working on getting this emblem program designed and implemented for the past few years and I'm incredibly grateful for the
Department of Cannabis Regulation's steadfast work.

"Angelenos are too often left to their own devices to figure out if a cannabis product is safe -- whether it's been tainted, contaminated or mislabeled. This program will help remedy that and give consumers the information needed to make safe and healthy decisions when buying cannabis products."

Cannabis businesses will have to undergo a health inspection after applying for the new placard, and once received, the emblem must be put in a location that is visible from the outside of the shop. 

The new placards are expected to begin appearing at licensed businesses later in the year.

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