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L.A. Technology Baffles Business In Marketing Efforts

As the marketplace evolves for local businesses, owners scramble to figure out how to attract new customers. In past years, the local merchant would run an newspaper ad or print a postcard to get attention, but with the cost of printed material, that seems ridiculous. How many people will actually come into the store from that effort? Not as many as you can catch online. Still, with online ads flickering and flashing at every bleary eye, how can a business owner present their product or service to stand out from the hustling crowd?

(Photo Courtesy of Nes Nasim)

"It's best to get a professional involved," said Nes Nasim at Ontrix Online Marketing and Website Solutions in West Hills, CA. Nasim has a B.S. degree in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge.

What questions do prospective clients ask about online marketing?

"My new customers ask how they can get their website to rise to the top of the search engine list. They want to have their reputation cleaned up and bad reviews removed. They want to know why their sales remain flat even when they are the first in search results. Although some aren't convinced, the bottom line, if they want new customers, the internet is where they need to advertise."


"Pay-per-click are the little ads you see on the right or top side of search engine results. Consider PPC when you want to target specific cities or zip codes and you want fast results. It's better to get calls right away instead of waiting weeks or longer for a response, but it comes at a price. When someone clicks an ad, the business is charged a fee. You can imagine the cost of "trending." The return on investment is easily measured so PPC is a winner for some businesses, but not all."

How does one know if their PPC campaign is working?

"We provide reports to show the effectiveness of every campaign. Each PPC campaign must link to a landing page with your contact form and phone number. When the phone is ringing and emails are piling up, you know that your campaign is successful."

What is the value of maintaining a daily blog?

"Maintaining a blog feeds fresh content. Content is king. A blog differentiates the business with unique content that drives followers, likes and shares. Each of these will drive additional traffic to your business and make your business more successful in search engine results."

Is it worth the time and money to update one's website?

"People will check you out online before they call. The first impression they get is your website. If your website content is out of date, you may lose potential customers to competitors who do more to maintain their image."

As a creative professional in Los Angeles, Cat West brings versatile skills to any topic. Whether freelancing as a writer or designing digital art from her studio, Cat provides excellent creative product with content driven artwork and photography.

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