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Koreatown's Wi Spa At Center Of Controversy After Complaint About Transgender Customer

KOREATOWN (CBSLA) — In a rant posted to social media, a woman claims that a naked man was in the women's section at Wi Spa in Koreatown.

Wi Spa
Wi Spa in Koreatown is the center of controversy after a woman posted a rant online about a transgender customer. (CBSLA)

"He is a man," the woman can be heard saying the video. "He is not no female."

The woman who posted the video to Instagram goes by the username Cubana Angel with the words "Christ is King" in the name field.

In the roughly three-minute video, the woman repeatedly asks employees whether men are allowed in women's areas.

"I think this is one of the horrible things that we experience every single day within our society," Bamby Salcedo, CEO of the TransLatin@ Coalition, said.

Wi Spa declined to comment on the specific incident, but said employees follow state law, which makes discrimination against transgender customers and other gender non-conforming people in business establishments illegal.

"California is the state in the whole nation that has the most trans-inclusive legislation," Salcedo said. "And, obviously, different local governments also adopt some of those laws."

Later in the video, other guests try to defend the other customer, but the woman was not having it and at one point encouraged other women at the spa to request refunds.

In the comment section of the Instagram post, she doubled-down on her video and wrote, "REAL WOMEN RIGHTS MATTER."

Salcedo said the woman's behavior was rooted in ignorance and said she hoped one day all transgender people would be treated with respect.

"The trans community, particularly trans women, we experience this type of violence every single day of our lives," she said.

As for the woman who posted the video, she said she was planning a protest outside of the salon this weekend. Counter-protesters have already said they would show up as well.

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