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Kitten Rescued After Falling Into Smoke Box Of Retired Train At Riverside's Fairmount Park

RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) — What sound does a train make? Any child will tell you it's not "meow."

There were several reports of meowing heard around the retired train that had been installed at Fairmount Park in the 1950s – but the cat making those sounds could not be found. Feral cats and kittens are known to frequent the area, and one apparently climbed the exhaust stack before falling into the smoke box, according to Riverside County Animal Services spokesman John Welsh.

Animal Services officers visited the park several times, and could hear the kitten's cries, but they could not get into the smoke box, Welsh said. Eventually, they removed the front door and placed two traps inside the smoke box.

kitten caught train
(credit: Riverside County Animal Services)

Welsh says a kitten was found in one of the traps Wednesday. She appears to be shy, but in good health, and was taken to a county animal shelter in Jurupa Valley for a veterinary examination.

"He is very nervous and shy but we think he is young enough to become a sweet cat in the right loving home environment," Welsh said in an email.

The kitten has been nicknamed Casey Jones, for the famous locomotive engineer. Casey Jones will eventually be put up for adoption.

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