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'I Was About To Quit Acting': Kimmy Gatewood On Netflix's GLOW & Jenji Kohan

(CBS Local)-- "GLOW" is one of the most popular shows on TV right now and Kimmy Gatewood almost missed out on this life-changing role.

The actor and director was getting ready to leave acting behind before going on an audition with her friend and comedy partner Rebekka Johnson.

"I was about to quit acting right before GLOW," said Gatewood in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "I was just kind of done with the grind of acting, which I love more than anything. This audition came along for Jenji Kohan and GLOW, which I used to watch as a kid and I could audition with my best friend Rebekka Johnson. We went in and auditioned for that cool show and then they called us back. It was pretty crazy and it's been the greatest experience I've ever had as an actor."

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Kohan is the executive producer of Netflix's GLOW and also created shows like "Weeds" and "Orange Is The New Black." Gatewood's experience on "GLOW" has been tremendous because it highlights the stories of women that previously weren't told.

"The ensemble is incredibly supportive of each other," said Gatewood. "I've never had this many women in a cast before and it tells women's stories specifically. I also had to learn how to wrestle. We did four weeks of wrestling training and I tell you what will bond any cast... shoving your face in their armpit for four weeks. I didn't think I'd be any good at wrestling, but I'm pretty great at it. My character is not unfortunately, but I caught on to it really well."

Season three of "GLOW" is streaming now on Netflix as the Georgeous Ladies Of Wrestling take their show on the road to Las Vegas. Gatewood says this show stands out in a crowded streaming landscape because it goes places other shows don't.

"We're much more open emotionally and physically," said Gatewood. "We're in spandex all the time and I had to get comfortable with that real quick. Just being proud of what my body can do and it's not just for looking gorgeous. It can be strong and everybody's body is beautiful is a strong message I walked away with."

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