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Katie Aselton On Movie 'Silk Road' & 'The League': 'Be As Authentic As You Absolutely Can'

(CBS Local)-- Katie Aselton has made a name for herself in Hollywood as an actor and director in things like "The League" and "Fun Mom Dinner" and her new movie "Silk Road" is definitely one that will be interesting to check out. The film from director Tiller Russell examines the creation of The Silk Road by Ross Ulbricht and blends fact and fiction as the DEA tries to take Ulbricht down after the site turns into a unregulated market for purchasing drugs.

Aselton plays Sandy Bowden, the wife of DEA agent Rick Bowden, who is played by Jason Clarke. The actor and director thinks this is a movie that will really resonate with people for a number of different reasons.

"It was really cool because the director Tiller Russell comes from documentaries," said Aselton, in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "There was an interesting weaving of fact and fiction and it was extremely well-researched storytelling. It was beautifully sort of elaborated. I would say the building of Jason Clarke's character, which is sort of a combination of people. I thought it was really interesting, while it still held on to the facts of the story and how it all broke. These are incredibly human characters. No one intends to be the bad guy. Rick Bowden was doing his best to be on the right side of things. He wasn't intending to be the bad guy in this story, but I think that's true of a lot of people. There are a lot of bad guys on both sides."

"Silk Road" is available on demand and digital starting today. In addition to this movie, Aselton says a lot of people have been revisiting her old roles in "The League" and "Fun Mom Dinner" on different streaming services. It's been over 10 years since Aselton played Jenny on the series and she is forever grateful for that role and experience.

"I think I ended up landing that role by having dinner with the creators of the show and drinking too many margaritas," said Aselton. "I really showed my true self. The more I think I can remember to do that, the better. It was really freeing [to play Jenny], but a lot of that credit goes to Jackie & Jeff Schaffer, who allowed that to happen for all of the characters. Over the course of all the seasons, our characters all sort of bled into our own personal lives. While I'm certainly not Jenny MaCarthur, there's a lot of Katie in Jenny."

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