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Karen Speitel's Letter Of Apology

I am extremely sorry for the egregious remarks I made that are now being deemed as racially insensitive. I feel terrible these comments have hurt so many members of the community I was so proud of serving.

What makes me so very sad is that I never actually meant any of those comments that I said out of anger in a social media posting and now people may not be able to forgive me and will now believe I am a racist and that I don't care about everyone, EVERYONE from the community I served on the council.

During the social media argument I thought it was simply an exchange between the people who were on the post. I was very surprised when I looked on the post later in the day that someone had found my personal information and that I was on a neighborhood council and posted it along with my picture on that site asking others to email the council to have me removed.

I was asked by many members of the council to resign. And the reason I didn't until last night after the meeting was because I didn't feel it was right to assume I was racist from my comments instead of realizing who I really am by my actions in my community. And I didn't feel it was right to ask me to leave the board when the comments I made, even though I am very sorry for them, were through my own personal social media account that had nothing to do with the council.

But because a large portion of the board requested me to resign and then requested the censure I felt that perhaps my resignation could possibly help heal the terrible pain I have caused members of the community as well as members of the board

I feel terrible about the things I said that have hurt people on the original post, all of the members of the community that have been made aware of my posts and feel equally sorry for the council becoming involved and the embarrassment I have caused the wonderful people who are on that council and all its various committees.

I am truly sorry for the hurt I have caused this great community.

Karen Speitel

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