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Beleaguered City Council Candidate Airs Dirty Laundry On Facebook

LOS ANGELES (  —  It's been a busy week -- in only two days -- for LA City Council candidate Joe Bray-Ali.

On Thursday he lost a series of high-profile endorsements from other politicians and the LA Times when it was revealed that about a year ago he posted racial and derogatory comments about transgender people and overweight folks.

On Friday, CBS 2's Peter Daut reports, Bray-Ali went on Facebook and talked about extramarital affairs, and he was only getting started.

Daut says Bray-Ali then discussed how he failed to pay taxes.

Bray-Ali says he wants everyone to know that he's "a human being with flaws" after his campaign took a major tumble.

As if things couldn't get any more shocking, Friday on Facebook he wrote: "Here is the dirt on me. I slept with several other women from 2011 to 2014. Not my wife. For a time I even had a Tinder profile."

But wait. There's more.

The former bike shop owner also admitted to not paying about $48,000 in sales taxes and audit costs for his business.

The true  confessions are Bray-Ali's latest in addressing a political storm that has set back his bid to unseat incumbent Gil Cedillo for Council District One.

Bray-Ali's campaign already took a massive hit after he acknowledged making racist, fat-shaming and transphobic comments in an online discussion board.

Daut stopped by Bray-Ali's campaign headquarters in Mount Washington but no one was there. He also called and emailed the candidate looking for comment but did not hear back.

When asked if he apologizes for his offensive comments he said yes.

Sort of. Just yesterday, he was asked what he apologized for, and his non-apology stunned many.

He said, "This is what I  apologize for. I apologize for engaging in the cesspool of the internet."

Tonight, some of his would-be constituents had plenty to say.

"I would probably think twice if I was voting for him," said one man.

"I'll give him credit for coming forward, but we need character," said Daniel O'Grady.

Bray-Ali, who is a staunch bicycle activist, also lost the endorsement of the cycling advocacy group Bike the Vote LA.

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition released a statement, which says in part:

"Hate is not a value of the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition. Hate is not a value of the community we represent. Hate does not reflect our board or our staff. We stand with marginalized and historically neglected communities against hate."

Several city council members have called for Bray-Ali to withdraw from the race. But right now, he is refusing to back down or back out.

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