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South Pasadena Jewelry Store Worker Pulls Gun On Robbers

SOUTH PASADENA (CBSLA) — Robbers pulled a knife and a jewelry store worker pulled a gun.

Security video captured a man in a red ball cap pulling out a knife before a struggle with Jean Boujekian during the Friday morning robbery.

"No remorse. This guy had dead eyes. He was ready to kill," said Boujekian, owner of Vana Watch and Jewelry in South Pasadena.

After they walked in the two men made a beeline for the display case with high-end watches.

Boujekian says the guy with the red hat demanded the Rolex watches.

"He actually lunged at me and I blocked him. And then I grabbed his hand. And tried to shuffle with him a little," said Boujekian.

From the video you can see Boujekian's nephew pull out a gun from the behind the counter and both would-be robbers high-tail out of the store.

"Luckily, he pulled the gun out. Without the gun, I think I would've been dead," said Boujekian

The guy with the Boston Red Sox cap is about five-eight – around 170 pounds – with a stocky build.

His alleged accomplice is about six-two – around 200 pounds – with a thin build – some facial hair and bangs down his forehead.

Boujekian says he came out from behind the counter because their mannerisms seemed odd.

"We try to treat everybody equally. It doesn't matter who you are. My client. You came to my store, I'm going to respect you as my client," said Boujekian.

After having the knife pulled on him he says he's grateful his nephew was behind the counter.

"In hindsight, I could've been dead. Somebody could've killed me," said Boujekian. "At this point, I think I'm going to stay behind the counter."

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