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Jeopardy! Contestant Becoming Internet Sensation With Awkward Smile, Winning Streak

LOS ANGELES ( — Jeopardy! contestant Matt Jackson is on a winning streak on the game show but it's his ... unusual mannerisms that are winning him fans.

Viewers find the 23-year-old contestant captivating. When the announcer introduces him at the top of each episode, he slowly - and kind of creepily - transitions from a frown into a forced grin. And then he holds up his fingers for the number of episodes he's won. He yells out "Boom!" whenever he gets an answer right and punches his palm. And when it comes to Trebek's charismatic chit-chat with the contestants, Jackson appears to be having none of it. He remains stone-faced and quickly tilts his head as if to imply, "OK, enough of this. I'm here to dominate."

Not since Ken Jennings has a Jeopardy! contestant been this talked about, but maybe that's no coincidence.

According to the Jeopardy! website, Jackson prepared for his moment by reading Jennings' book "Brainiac."

Many fans see Jackson as more than "awkward" or "creepy" and say his moves are perfectly staged comedy. And they're loving him for it.

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