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After Floor Routine Set To Her Songs Goes Viral, Janet Jackson Requests Tumbling Lessons From UCLA Gymnast Margzetta Frazier

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A UCLA gymnast whose most recent floor routine went viral was brought to tears when her idol, Janet Jackson, called her to request a lesson in tumbling.

When Margzetta Frazier took the floor against BYU on Feb. 10, her routine was set to a medley of Janet Jackson songs – and the pop icon took notice in a big way. Jackson not only reposted video of the routine on her own Instagram account and tweeted her admiration to Frazier, she decided to call her this weekend via FaceTime.

"I would one day love to tumble," Jackson said in the FaceTime call to Frazier. "I would love for you to teach me."

Frazier's routine had paid major homage to Jackson, not only using her music, but also incorporating some of Jackson's most recognizable dance moves from her music videos like "Rhythm Nation."

"I just wanna say thank you. Thank you for sharing your talent, it's so beautiful to see you, to see you tumble. Really inspiring," Jackson said. "I loved it, absolutely loved it."

"Thank you so much. That means everything to me," Frazier said, tearing up. "I hope I can teach you those flips."

UCLA Gymnastics has become famous for its exuberant and spectacular floor routines set to popular music, catapulting its gymnasts into online celebrities in recent years.


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