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Jackpot? California Drivers Win Traffic Tickets For Driving On 15 Freeway Shoulders Out Of Las Vegas

PRIMM, NEV. (CBSLA) — Some Californians who enjoyed a long holiday weekend in Las Vegas are coming home with an unwanted and expensive souvenir – a ticket for trying to bypass heavy traffic by driving on the shoulder.

With the 15 Freeway near the California-Nevada border jammed for miles most of the day Monday, and Nevada Highway Patrol officers were ready for drivers who got fed up with the backup.

NHP gave drivers ample warning of the impending traffic rush, at 9:15 a.m. Monday, warning drivers with a tweet, "Don't drive in the shoulders."

But at least two California drivers, whose license plates were obscured by authorities, were caught trying to use the shoulder to get past traffic.

Las Vegas is among the most popular destinations for Southern Californians looking for a quick weekend getaway.


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