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'It's Pretty Special': Three Sets Of Triplets Graduating From Same High School Prepare For Next Steps

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) - Talk about pomp and circumstance! Three sets of triplets graduated this year from the same high school senior class in Texas.

Of the 664-member class of 2021 which graduated May 21 from Memorial High School in Houston, there were 18 pairs of twins along with the three sets of triplets.

"It was just like unique coming here and having all these other kids who were multiples," says Alex Bethancourt.

His brother, Luke, shares the sentiment.

"We've seen each other in classes before and it's kind of special," he tells KTRK.

Alex, Luke and Isaac Bethancourt will be spending more time together as each of them will be attending Texas A&M University. But for other triplets, it will be the first time they'll be apart for any significant length of time.

All the Garcia triplets are staying in-state, with Nina and Seth going to Houston's University of St. Thomas and Alexander going to the University of Texas, the Houston Chronicle reports.

"I'm going to miss these two," Alexander says.

"Maybe the longest time was maybe 2-3 weeks and now we're going to be gone for like a year," Nina reveals.

"We're all very different but coming together today, it's pretty special, especially at this school," Seth says.

Another set of triplets in Memorial's class of 2021 is Lauren, Glenn and Gaston Elie. They will be more geographically separated with Lauren attending the University of Texas, Glenn attending Arizona State University and Gaston attending Brewster Academy in New Hampshire.

"We've been with each other like for 17 years now -- almost everyday with each other, you know. My mom's going to be really sad when we leave," Gaston says.

"I think throughout this year with COVID, our relationship as triplets has changed so much, specifically because we're all leaving for college this year so we're like, 'OK, like this time is so good for us, especially for our parents, too,'" Lauren explains.

"Everything I've experienced now, I've had them two to lean on but now it's just me on my own," Glenn responds.

As the triplets prepare for the next steps in their young lives, they offer a word of advice for next year's seniors.

"Just enjoy your senior year," says Isaac Bethancourt.

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