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It Had To Be Ewe! Rams Hold Final Auditions For Cheerleader Squad

LOS ANGELES (   —   A lot of determined -- and lightly-attired -- young women gave it their all Sunday looking for sideline glory.

The Los Angeles Rams held final auditions for their cheer squad, and CBS2's Tina Patel was there when the candidates were put through their paces. Difficult paces, in fact.

Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, so the Rams know their cheerleaders have to set the bar high. Only the best and most-talented women will make it to game day.

The women learned, first-hand, it wasn't going to be easy to make the cut.

"It's an amazing experience, literally nothing like it. I've never been through an audition process as special as this one," said Brittany, a returning cheerleader.

In a way, it's like a beauty pageant. The cheerleaders have a swimsuit calendar so there is also a swimsuit competition.

Because the cheerleaders also represent the team and organization at a myriad of community events throughout the season, there is also an interview process. They want to make sure the women have brains to match their beauty.

"The audition definitely tests the girls to be on all the time," said Melissa, also returning to the squad.

More than 200 women started the arduous process last month. Only 70 made it to tonight's finale in front of a packed auditorium.

"I am ecstatic to be here today and to make it this far.  I have worked so hard," said a finalist named Cheyenne.

Many of the candidates are from the LA area so they had their own cheering sections in attendance.

"I'm cheering for Miss Danielle, she's my dance teacher and we love her so much," said Ashlynn Alderson.

These fans say it's about time LA had a football team again and it's own cheerleading squad they could cheer.

"This is great, I'm so glad the Rams are back in California and she has this opportunity," said fan and supporter Kendra Walker.

An opportunity that is just beginning.

"This is such a special organization to be a part of, there's so much history, so much tradition. I'm getting chills talking about it, because there's nothing like it," said Ariel, a returning cheerleader.

Thirty-five women made the cut. And although they will start making appearances for the team right away, they will have a few months to learn the choreography before heading across the street to cheer in the Coliseum.

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