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Iraq War Veteran Accused In 6 Murders Tells Detective He Has 'Killer Gene'

SANTA ANA (CBS) — Disturbing new details are being released about the Iraq war veteran accused of at least six brutal murders in Orange County.

Itzcoatl Ocampo's alleged victims include four homeless men. Now, a secret grand jury transcript obtained by the Orange County Register reveals that 23-year-old Ocampo joined the Marines to become a killer and was disappointed when he spent his time in Iraq driving a truck.

Ocampo also told a detective that he targeted the heads of his victims because he learned it was a quick kill in the movie "Terminator 2".

He also said he would look at Penthouse magazine to pump himself up and that he believes he has the "killer gene" because he became so aroused by the murders.

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas calls him "a monster" for allegedly stabbing each of the victims at least a dozen times with a seven-inch knife made of heavy metal.

Ocampo pleaded not guilty to six counts of murder last month.

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