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iPhone Survives 450-Foot Drop From World's Tallest Swing Ride

ORLANDO (CBSLA) — A woman's attempt to document her trip to the top of a record-breaking amusement park ride took a dramatic turn when she dropped her still-recording iPhone 450 feet to the ground – and it survived the drop!

Cansel Yıldırım told News 6 Orlando that she had planned to record herself and her date June 11 as they reached the top of the StarFlyer, which has been promoted by its owner as the tallest swing ride in the world.

The video shows Yıldırım holding the phone as she and her passenger ascend to the top of the ride, but the footage is interrupted when she suddenly loses her grip. The phone spins through the air as it drops hundreds of feet, then lands screen-side down with its camera in the air – recording the entire time.

Yıldırım told the station that she assumed the phone's screen would be shattered, if the phone itself hadn't broken into pieces on impact, especially since she didn't have a case protecting it. Yet she says she was able to use the Find My iPhone app to locate the still-functioning phone, and when she picked it up, it had only a single scratch! She was able to upload the video on social media, where it's received thousands of views.

News 6 reports that phones and other personal items are not allowed on the StarFlyer, and that riders are asked to stow their belongings in plastic bins at the base of the ride before strapping in.

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