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Interfaith Prayer Service Is Hoping To Bring On The Rain

CHINO ( — Imam Mohamed Zafarullah is praying for rain in California to end the drought.

The imam is holding an interfaith prayer for rain at Baitul Hameed Mosque in Chino Saturday because it's the one thing everyone can agree on: We need rain.

"Everyone feel here there is a need of the prayer," Zafarullah said.

All religions are invited.

"If you're a theist, a Catholic or Muslim or a Christian, you think God is personal and prayer can make a difference," said Father Miller of St. Margaret Mary Church. "God is a person. God can act freely, and God has some kind of emotional response when we turn to him with love."

A couple of hundred members in Chino turned to God one day in May to pray for rain. Days later, it rained.

"We're not trying to lay claim that the rain was a result of what we did. Only God knows. We don't know. But it was still inspiring nonetheless to see that perhaps God did hear our prayers and we saw some of the fruits of that," Ahsan Khan said.

The prayer service starts at 6:30 p.m. Saturday For more information, visit the Baitul Hameed Mosque website.


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