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Inside SoCal: 11/7 Wrap-Up

Inside SoCal Sunday Morning: 11/7/2021 04:54

Students making a difference for the animals at spcaLA!

New West Charter Humane Society

Founded in 2019 by Skyler Nahouray, a New West Charter high school student, the New West Charter Humane Society chapter now has 75 student members and is making a difference in the lives of animals in the Southland. Their goal is to improve the lives of animals in shelters, educate others about animals and foster their love of animals. This Sunday, Inside SoCal was there to capture their $14,000 in-kind donation to the spcaLA Long Beach shelter. Thanks to the students pounding the pavement and the generosity of local businesses like Village Pet Supply, The Urban Pet and My Pets Place, they were able to procure food, treats, toys, beds and more for the shelter.


Follow the New West Charter Humane Society on Instagram - @nwc_humanesociety - to see what they are up to next, and how you can help!


The spcaLA is dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals and has been doing so since 1877. Their mission is to provide services for animal care, help adopt animals to forever homes, and be a resource to the community and the needs of its animals. The spcaLA does not receive funding from any federal, state or local government agency. Financial support for the organization's humane programs is provided solely by donations from individuals, corporations, and foundation.

To learn more about the spcaLA and to donate, visit their website or call them at (323) 730-5300 or 1-888-spcaLA1.

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