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Inside SoCal: 1/23 Wrap-Up

Inside SoCal Sunday Morning: 1/23/2022 04:59

Declutter your closet and think about sustainable "slow" fashion for 2022!


This full-service personal and shopping duo offer closet consultation, curation, and customization to help you look and feel your best.

They recommend a few simple ways to help declutter your closet:

  1. Organize by clothing type (coats with coats, denim with denim, etc.)
  2. Use streamlined hangers (one color, one type); they recommend felt.
  3. Organize shoes in uniform, individual boxes with photo on front for easy identification.
  4. When introducing new items to your closet, be mindful and buy good, quality essentials that can last.
  5. Employ the one in, one out rule. When buying a new item, purge one existing item in your closet.

To contact The Closet Files and arrange for a call, click here.


Denim represents an estimated $60 billion global market that is growing at an annual rate of 13-15%. FIDM students learn from the industry's best right here in Los Angeles, the city that's responsible for over 90% of the premium denim manufactured in the United States.

FIDM is the only college that offers an Advanced Study Program in denim design and development with a focus on sustainability. The program includes an in-depth global study tour in which students travel to cities around the world where they visit the entire product development cycle from the mill to the retail floor.

To learn more about FIDM and the Business of Denim, click here.

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