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Hunky Tom Selleck Reflects On Life On The Tube

 LOS ANGELES ( — He's created indelible images on the small screen and the big screen.

From Thomas Magnum, the hunky private detective in the smash "Magnum, P.I." to the rugged but struggling detective Jesse Stone, to his current role  -- as commissioner Frank Reagan of the NYPD in "Blue Bloods," Tom Selleck has clearly made a mark.

He's been starring on CBS TV almost continually for 30 years. "Blue Bloods" is in it's acclaimed third season.

Selleck loves sitting at the head of the "Blue Bloods" table. Literally and figuratively. "If you're playing a leader you really can't show weakness. You can't show fear, you can't show a lot of things. All those human emotions the audience wants to see."

We recently sat down with Selleck to talk about life on the small and big screens. And what's a sit down with Selleck without a little talk about that legendary role. ("Magnum, P.I." aired from 1980-1988.)

Selleck told us about his most cherished prop piece. "The watch I wore. It was an important piece of what is most everyone's favorite episode. He was stranded out in the ocean, you found out, it's his dad's watch."

He has trouble letting the time piece go. "I still wear it, I wore it as Jesse Stone but nobody knew it was Magnum's watch. But it was kind of good luck for me."

Ever wonder what happened to the trio of dads from "Three Men and a Baby"? For years there has been talk of a movie set in present day.

"Disney's talked about some kind of sequel now. It'd be fun for Ted (Danson), Steve (Guttenberg) and I to hook up again."

He adds, "There's a good story there. The last one I heard -- which I thought was a great idea -- was 'Three Men and a Bride' where the baby's grown up."

Selleck says in any role he plays, he finds a new family. "We are blessed again on 'Blue Bloods.' I think it has a lot to do with the people -- not only with their phenomenal abilities as actors but the fact they're all good people and it's a pleasure to go to work."

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