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Hundreds Rally In Downtown LA To Encourage World Leaders To Address Climate Change

LOS ANGELES ( —   Hundreds of people rallied in downtown Los Angeles Sunday as they urged world leaders meeting in Paris to address the issue of climate change.

CBS2's Adrianna Weingold talked to many of the demonstrators who want change and soon.

"Earth to Paris" and "Keep fossil fuels in the ground," the signs said.

It's the message hundreds of people from 20 different labor, environmental, faith and social justice groups shouted, as they marched through downtown, all demanding environmental change.

"We need to let our leadership know that enough is enough and we can't put big oil profits in front of our children's future," said activist Aldo Seoane.

The march and rally comes just one day before the UN climate change conference kicks off in Paris. More than 150 world leaders -- including President Obama -- are expected to attend the summit.

The groups here say they're standing in solidarity with people all over the world, saying that anything less than a binding agreement that lowers emissions in a way that matches the requirements laid out by scientists, will be unacceptable.

"We are on track right now to melt all the frozen places on this planet and make life hell and high water for our kids and our grand kids," said Joe Galliani, organizer of the climate change group

"We've seen the affects of climate change all over the world, we've seen it in the United States, it's real and this is the last chance to really stop the worst effects of climate change from happening," says activist Leslie Simon.

Activists told Weingold they hope to see the world transition to clean, renewable energy, with developed nations like the United States, leading the way for the rest of the world.

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