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Hundreds Of Companies Sign On For President's Initiative To Help Unemployed

LOS ANGELES ( — More than 300 companies have signed on for President Obama's initiative to help the unemployed.

CBS Corporation, parent company to CBS2 and KCAL9, is one of the companies.

Art Barron, a reporter for CBS2, today looked at some of the local companies taking part in the initiative as well as speaking to people who are hunting for work.

"I think there is a stigma when somebody is out of work," said Diahne Mallicoat. She told Barron she's been unemployed for nearly two years.

"There are a lot of talented people out there looking for jobs," Mallicoat said, "It's just trying to get in, getting to the right people to talk to."

Barron said Mallicoat and many others he spoke to were feeling more encouraged by the initiative.

"Every job applicant deserves a fair shot," said President Obama, "and I just had the chance to meet with some of the CEOs who are making these commitments."

Barron spoke to one company CEO who told him his firm has long been committed to hiring the long-term unemployed. He said his company had a program that helped homeless veterans get back on their feet by providing job training.

"It really doesn't matter how long someone has been out of work. Oftentimes it's not their fault," said Todd Lemmis with Molina Healthcare.

The Obama administration said they would spend $150 million to help train people for jobs.

"Unfortunately, we're just the byproduct of the bad economy and the recession," said Mallicoat.



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